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{POW} Server Fund

Current: $ 15.00
Remaining: $ 54.81
Target: $ 69.81
Due Date: Dec 31 2022

This Months Donators:
  • MAsterBlaster/Mars
Fees are due for 2022
Welcome to..
Rules of the {POW} clan
When playing on the servers, our rules for gameplay are:

1) Hacking & Glitching will result in a ban. We are streaming Punkbuster & Pbbans.

2) Stat Padding will be responded with a server ban.

3) Be Respectful to all Players. Any Trolling and/or Racism will NOT be tolerated.

4) To maintain a fair game , if we believe you are cheating, you will be removed.

5) You may be removed from the server to make room for a clan member. Please rejoin when a slot opens up.

6) Disrespecting a member will result in a ban

7) Ignorance of the Rules will not be tolerated.

shades Gaming is for Fun... HAVE FUN!
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