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{POW} Server Fund

Current: $ 70.00
Remaining: $ -0.19
Target: $ 69.81
Due Date: Dec 31 2021

This Months Donators:
  • Euchee
  • FourTraX
Fees are due for 2022
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Buck Rogers
Mon Apr 07 2014, 11:42pm
Buck Rogers
Registered Member #3 Joined: Tue Feb 03 2009, 08:56am
Posts: 172
It's been great playing together Geb, and I'm sure we'll be seeing you around ...I might jump on an rTr server again in the future. Sadly, I haven't been playing that much and have not bothered to get the premium as I didn't like the way EA released the game and the pricing for premium up front. All the best Geb; Thanks again for all you've done for the clan over the years!

Edited Mon Apr 07 2014, 11:44pm
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