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Wed Jan 08 2014, 01:07pm Email Print
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All you World of Tank people, might like to know that War Thunder is getting ready to release the ground forces part of the game. What does that mean you ask, well that means not only are there planes but tanks as well. So if you prefer the smell of diesel to the blue sky, you can run around in steel coffins. I was just watching a video because its still in closed beta, but it looked awesome. The graphics were superb, as well as the intigration of the aircraft and tanks. Planes are runnin around fighting eachother as well as bombing runs, and tanks are both shooting at eachother and taking aircraft down with either there main guns or coaxle's(main if the pilot is stupid). All around, I think it will be a good mix and a good game when it is all said and done. I played warthunder awhile back when it was just aircraft and liked it. The graphics are crazy good, and it is just enjoyable due to the matchmaking in it. You wont be shoved in a game with people with maxed out everything. It is more like the matchmaking on World of Tanks, where you might have a 1 or 2 high level vehicles but it dont really matter much as long as your tactics and strategy are there. I would check it out if you thought there was something missing from World of Tanks. Also, from what I seen the tank gameplay seemed to be on par with world of tanks.

Cheers from the very snowy Indiana area.
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